Welcome to the Heart of Creativity Retreat
San Miguel de Allende

Writing and Collage Retreat with Julia Alter 

and Migdalia DeNike of MexChic Retreats

September 5-12, 2019

Imagine for a moment...

As you saunter the cobblestone streets, blooms of wild hibiscus open in celebration of your arrival in lush San Miguel de Allende. You drink in the rose quartz -colored walls of this colonial Mexico town, setting your inner Frida Kahlo free.

You can feel the great lineage of artists and writers here, as the cream-curved architecture beckons you forth to the local mercado, where baskets of lime and mango make your mouth water. The Muse seems to find you around every corner, coaxing your eyes from courtyard to treasure-filled courtyard.

The sacred heart of the city seems to sing your name in Spanish syllables. You tilt your head back to the turquoise sky and absorb the beauty of the Church of the Archangel Michael, which rises like a palace of sun-lit rosequartz. A quaint park in the plaza offers pools of shade beneath welcoming trees.

You deserve this...

You feel deeply connected here in this beautiful plaza with its canopy of emerald trees. You can almost hear the muse of the angels whispering inspiration, making your heart race at the thought of gathering with the other creative spirits here too.

With your breath already taken away at the cinnamon-arched beauty of this place, you can’t wait to reach for your journal and your pen! If a city were a poem, it is San Miguel de Allende and it’s already writing itself across your soul.

"Is This Retreat For Me?" Do you say Yes to the following?..

I need a break from my crazy busy life. Just for me! Yes!

I'm craving more creativity! More FUN! And the TIME to express myself. YES!

I am inspired by beauty and feel recharged by beautiful surroundings. Yes!

I really want to take some time to write, to reconnect with myself. I know I have stories I have to tell! Yes!

Yes--I feel disconnected from my spirit.

Just give me a pen, paper and some art supplies! And some amazing people to hang out with for a week! YES!! 


I'm not creative!

This retreat will unlock your creative expression! My mission in life is to show you that--YES! You ARE creative. You will astound yourself. 

I'm not a writer.

This retreat is open to newbies AND pros! The main thing is that we all feel SAFE and supported in our adventure here into the heart of creativity. 

I can't afford it.

Yes, you can! You're worth it and our payment plans make it easy to take this time for yourself and your life. You deserve this. Contact me if you need further help! 

Here are the Goodies Included!

  • 6 nights in our own bright, beautiful Bed and Breakfast

  • Daily Creativity Sessions with Julia Alter, writing and collage

  • Welcome and closing soirees with wine and appetizers

  • Two excursions with Mexchic Retreats with...

  • Our own Personal Award-winning concierge/tourguide Migdalia DeNike

  • Surprises, of course!


  • Daily fresh breakfast at our BnB

  • Transportation to/from the airport

  • Time to leisurely explore San Miguel de Allende and shop and meander and meditate and sip coffee, wine, water...

  • Tribe of Amazing Creative People


YES! I’m joining you!!

Julia! Add me to your list for upcoming retreats!

Questions? Contact us!

Heart of Creativity Retreat, San Miguel de Allende

Click here for real human contact And if you have any questions! :)

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The Fine Print


This retreat does not include airfare.

One meal per day is included; the rest are up to you in amazing & affordable San Miguel.

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